Fundraising is absolutely essential to the operation of GAR!  In addition to their monthly team participation dues, High Schoolers are obligated to raise $400 per year, Middle Schoolers – $200 (subsequent rowers per family – $200 each).

There is a “buy out” option, however rowers are encouraged to participate in fundraising events whenever possible to support their team.

GAR does not receive monetary support from any schools or from the Alachua County School Board. In an effort to keep the dues affordable, GAR relies on fundraising to cover expenses, repairs and purchases of equipment.

Below is a list of both in-the-works and currently scheduled GAR FUNdraisers. (More may be added throughout the year) Scheduled event dates are posted on the GAR calendar and the specifics are provided to all GAR families prior to each event. Please contact the GAR Fundraising Chair, with questions and suggestions.

GAR tries to involve the rowers as much as possible to keep the “FUN” in the “raising” of money for the team!

  • 10/18 Blaze Pizza Spirit Night 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Additional events and dates TBD

GAR’s Wish List (approximate costs)

  • Women’s 8+ Sweep boat: $38,000
  • Men’s 8+ Sweep boat: $38,000
  • Four Sculling boat: $24,000
  • 2 new double Sculling boats: $13,000 each
  • 2 mid-weight racing singles boats: $7,000 each
  • 2 new sets of sweep oars: $3,000 each
  • Ergometers (Erg’s): $850 each
  • Individual HS and MS team membership scholarships: $1200 and $600 each, respectively
  • HS rowing team uniforms: $90 each

For information on upcoming fundraising activities and events, please see the postings below.

  • FlipGive

    Support GAR each time you make online purchases from a wide variety of online merchants, and it costs you nothing, zip, not a single cent extra! Register with FlipGive and download their app from the Google Store or the App Store. When you’re ready to shop, open the app, select the merchant, and shop as usual. Same products, same prices, same service for you, but the merchant sends a small percentage of your purchase amount to GAR.

Plus various Seasonal projects. Please check back often.